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Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Supporting wind power projects enables our organization to reduce its carbon footprint to prevent climate change

  • To save the future of our children, planting trees is a culture brought by the management as a part of social and environmental value. Trees are important part of every community that increases quality of living.

  • Rural Development initiatives – Tescot also works on Rural Development programmes and initiatives of the welfare of the rural population.


Public Sector Projects

  • Approved vendor for Department of Health and Textiles across in India

  • Consecutive for past 2years / L1 winner of prestigious “Amma Baby Care Kit” tender from Government of Tamil Nadu

  • Currently supplying 1.00 lakh kits Online Drugstore Free shipping per month

  • Our Capacity scales up to 1.75 lakh kits per month

  • In house manufacturing for 68% of kit value

Care for Living –New Born Baby Care Kit

  • Honourable Chief Minister Jayalalithaa launched Amma Baby Care Kit program for the 6.7 lakh children born in government hospitals every year. The government provides the kit to all mothers who deliver babies in all government hospital in the State

  • Similar type of kit bags are supplied by us to Governments of AP & HR

  • The main idea is to promote hygiene and sanitation among mothers and newborns, and help in the development of the infant and the mother