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Amma’s Baby Care Kit


  • Baby Towel Newborn babies are more prone to develop hypothermia because of large surface area per unit of body in the early neonatal period. Newborn’s ability to stay warm may easily be overwhelmed by environmental temperature changes. By providing towel the baby can be wrapped and kept in skin to skin contact with mother. The towel should be made of 100% cotton.

  • Infant Dress Newborn babies must be protected from cold environment, dust, insect bite, irritants and allergens. This can be achieved by providing the clothing to the newborn. This should be made of 100% cotton and would be soft and ecofriendly.

  • Baby Bed Newborn babies when laid down on the surface are exposed to dust, irritants and allergens, thus the baby may develop rashes and skin lesions. In this regard a soft, ecofriendly bed may be provided.

  • Mosquito Net Newborn babies can easily develop red raised wheals (skin allergy) to minimal insect toxins from insects and allergens. To prevent the child from such allergens the baby should be safely placed inside the mosquito net which may look like play house for kids printed with pictures.

  • Baby Napkin Newborn babies urinate frequently and soil the beds. Babies in this wet clothing will develop rashes, skin roughness, and accidental ingestion may lead to aspiration. This can be avoided by using Newborn Baby napkins for hygienic practices. Napkins need to be made using high absorbency, nonallergic, nonirritant cotton material.

  • Baby Oil To keep the Newborn baby skin moist and to protect the skin from dryness mineral oil application is advocated. Baby oil container needs to be made using nonallergic, nonirritant plastic.

  • Baby Shampoo Newborn baby should be given head bath to maintain hygiene. Baby shampoo should be gently applied over the head and hair should be thoroughly washed. Shampoo container needs to be made using plastic which is nonallergic and nonirritant.

  • Soap Box Baby soap should be kept free from dust and germs. To keep the soap safely. Plastic soap box may be provided.

  • Baby Soap For baby care in hygienic manner baby bath with mild soap is essential.

  • Nail Cutter Newborn baby’s growing nails are trimmed in many instances by mother biting which is an unhygienic and unsafe practice. By providing the nail clipper with ergonomic smooth cutting action, this can be carried out hygienically.

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    Baby Rattle Newborn baby will be actively watched by the members of the family, but many are unaware about the milestones of growth and development. Stimulation of the babies with sound is helpful in developing both audio and visual senses. This rattle may also be used to assess the visual and auditory response of the newborn. This may also reflect in the early outcome of the baby’s speech. This rattle may be made of nonirritant and nonallergic plastics.

  • Baby Toy A small soft toy should be provided to attract the baby towards sound created when the toy is pressed. Toy needs to be made using soft rubber, nonirritant and nonallergic material.

  • Liquid Handwash Hand wash is the most important step for preventing infection. Postnatal mothers may use Liquid Hand Wash after changing napkins or cleaning up the Newborn, before and after preparing food, before eating, before feeding the baby, after using the toilet and after touching the garbage, etc. This hand wash container needs to be made using plastic which is nonallergic and nonirritant.

  • Mother Soap Mother soap provides germ protection from a wide range of unseen germs. It cleanses and protects the skin keeping the mother and baby healthy everyday.

  • Sowbhagya Leghyam For increasing mother’s milk and gives good health to mother and child.

  • Kit Bag Baby Care Kit needs to be supplied with a bag to keep the contents safe. This needs to be supplied with Government specified logo and kit items.